Drug Pusher:

Someone who encourages others to take illegal, dangerous or banned drugs and who makes money from supplying illegal, dangerous or banned drugs.

images (12)

Do not trust these Dogs.


images (26)

Bruce Kahn


Rupak Dasgupta


John Reilly

Charles Mambwe

images (27).jpg

Kathri Satarasinghe

Michele Pathe

Simone Kefford

Satish Karunakaran


Michael Catt

images (25)

Vinay Gupta


Sivagnanam Agilan

Lawrence Kozlowski

Jane Hay

Anna Lazzari

Jason Lee

David Hartman

Sarah Beaney

Hemant Sharma

Mushtaq Mohiuddin

Manish Khanna

Khaldoon Alsaee

Sumudu Rajapkse

Hilary Jeyaranjan

Melissa Walls

Darren Green

Naomi Green

John Small

Annastacia Palaszczuk

Cameron Dick

Campbell Newman

Helen Kiwi Bitch

Barry (Security) 329909

Luke (Security) 345651

Julia Gillard

Masimba Dune

Paul Williams

John Baird

Trevor Fisherman

Sue Froggart

Di Waqanaviti

Allen Orr

Kate Lindsay

Maurice Harvey Hall

Sally Rathbone

Tony Mooney

Tess Garrone

Jenny Promnitz


Fat Anne Bitch

Tom Africa

Bruce Fooks

Paul Cruickshank

Aaron Little

Evan Player

Andrea Licus

Julie Wales

Simba Samuriwo

Did you know that if a psychiatrist diagnosis you with a mental disorder or mental health condition, then every psychiatrist who sees you after that first assessment, will diagnose you with a mental illness.

If you sit down with a doctor long enough they will eventually find something wrong with you.

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