Diary of a Labrat.

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Monday 30th November

14:30 Instructed by Paul Williams that I was to get all my belongings out of my room in Secure as I was being discharged on Friday. Dr Ojo and Paul Williams saw me and said that all going to plan I would be permanently moved to TCCU on Friday.

Tuesday 1st December

9:15 I went on Unescorted community leave.

14:30 I had my mental health court.

17:15 I had a viusal by Marlissa to verify that I was on leave with my family.

19:45 On return to TCCU Karen stated that I was late. I responded that Marlissa has verified at 17:15 that I was on leave with my family. Karen said that she was joking.

Wednesday 2nd December

13:00 Unescorted community leave

Thursday 3rd December

13:30 Unescorted community leave

Friday 4th December

13:30 Unescorted community leave

14:00 Meeting of discharge from Secure Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit with Paul Williams and Dr Victor Ojo.

Saturday 5th December

15:15 Unescorted community leave

Sunday 6th December

13:00 Unescorted commuity leave.

Monday 7th December

12:15 Unescorted community leave.

Tuesday 8th December

11:45 ECG and Obs done from Cindy.

13:10 Admission procedures done from Dr. Fisher

14:30 Meeting with Dr. Miach: Refer to voice recording.

Wednesday 9th December

13:15 Mick Farrel saw me in relation to my depot. He stated that he will give me the 300MG injection of Zyprexa (Olanzapine) tomorrow morning, due to me being under medical observations for 3 hours.

13:43 Karen Johnstone rang me to ask wether secure gave me my medications. I replied that I got them from TCCU.

14:00 Karen Johntson stated that I was to get my injection of Zyprexa (Olanzapine) tomorrow morning and also stated that there would be no reprocussions for having my injection late.

20:00 On arrival back at TCCU I was informed by Karen Johnston that I was to see Dr. Miach tomorrow afternoon for an updated review in relation to my future plans. I stated that I had to take one of my grandmothers to see her Doctor, and that this was to short of notice to change my plans. Karen basically said that Dr. Miach’s appointment took precedence. I felt verbally belittled and also felt that I had no rights in choosing my decisions and agenda. I asked Karen to pass on my request to the other shifts to see if they could resolve the dilema. Karen said she would pass it on. The other matter was with Dr John Reilly and my appointment of Friday with him, between 9am and 11am. She said that she had not heard any thing in relation to that meeting and I stated that the time did not suit me. She said she would also pass it on my info to the next shift.

Thursday 10th December

10:05 Mick Farrel gave me an injection of 300mg of Zyprexa (Olanzapine) in left arm. Mick aslo updated me on Dr Micah meeting in relation to getting more leave granted inlcuding overnight leave.

15:30 Meeting with Dr Miach, Dr Agilan and Toni (CNC). Refer to recording.

17:45 Community leave with my Brother.

Friday 11th Decemebr

8:05 Sarah Lynch called to say that I should attend meeting on my own with Dr Reilly.

8:15 Meeting with Dr Reilly and Raleane (DFLO)

9:00 Tania Brown (IAT) Arrived for schelduled 9:00 meeting with Dr Reilly.

9:10 Community leave with Tania.

16:00 Community leave with Parents

Saturday 12th December

12:15 Community leave with Parents.

Sunday 13th December

13:30 Unescorted community leave.

Monday 14th December

14:00 Unecorted community leave.

19:30 On arrival back at TCCU, Andrew said that my overnight leave had been approved, starting on the 17th.

Tuesday 15th December

11:30 I rang Sarah Lynch who said that Joe Briggs and her would call me about 3PM today.

12:00 I spoke to Tania Brown via Cindy’s phone in relation to MHC tomorrow. We agreed that Darren Green should not sit with us in the room during the MHC.

12:10 Cindy updated me on my status on overnight leave and that she was preparing the paper work for my LCT. We discussesd the issue on coming back at 9PM whilst I was on leave. We also talked about getting a script to obtain my medication and that I get followed up with my GP in the community. Other points that were discussed were monthly blood tests , UDS and alcohol monitoring. I also discussed that my family did not want Darren Green with us in the Mental Health Court. Cindy said that she would address that matter with Raelene the other DFLO.

12:40 Cindy and Raelene DFLO came to speak to me in relation to MHC and Darren Green situation. Raelene stated that she would be sitting with us on the MHC.

16:00 Joe Briggs and Sarah Lynch called me to follow up on the MHC tomorrow.

Wednesday 16th December

9:00 MHC

14:00 MHC

16:00 Confusion with leave from Karen Johnston. They had me signed in to come back at 16:15. Leave with parents.

Thursday 17th December

11:05 Mandy and Raelene came to see me and inform me that they were waiting for a signature in relation to my overnight leave.

12:00 Unescorted leave.

15:20 Tania Brown called me and updated me on leave progress. Tania said the she had spoken to Joe Briggs. His advice was to keep calm over the christmas period and to stay stable.

16:13 Joe Briggs called me. He said that he had been in discussions with Director of Mental health and that they needed my overnights to be signed off.

Wednesday 23rd December

13:00 Unescorted leave and picked up Zyprexa from pharmacy at North ward.

Thursday Decemeber 24th

11:00 Zyprexa injection right arm 300Mg by Cindy and witnessed by Mick Farrel.

11:30 Cindy did 30 Minute observations at my Villa. Stated that injection should be done in Gluteous maximus.

12:00 Cindy stated that I am not permitted to drive a motor vechile after I had my injection of Zyprexa.

13:40 Cindy stated to me that I could not drive a motor vechile for 24 hours after I had the injection. From my investigating on the Inetrnet it stated for the remainder of the day.

Monday 28th December

11:50 Instructed bu Cindy that LCT escorted leave with Family expired on 24th December 2015. Told that I had only 8 hours unesorted leave and that Doctor needed to approve new LCT.

17:52 I called Darelle to see if I could access my overnight leave for tonight, as I wished to spend time with Family.

16:00 I called TCCU again and Darelle stated that overnight leavet could not happen due to a leave plan that had already been agreed on.

19:12 I stated to Darelle why did the LCT expire and how would she feel if she was taken away from family for Christmas and left it at that. I filled my dosette box with sodiuum valporate and went back to my Villa.

Tuesday 29th December

9:50 My LCT with Family member still had not been approved. I was told that it could happen today. I went on unescorted leave for 8 hours.

14:15 My mother rang TCCU and stated for the LCT to be done. My mother was told that it should be done by today. Under instuctions by my Lawyer that this matter was to be mentioned in the MHC. My mother also stated that who was person who let the leave expire in the first place.

15:51 Darelle rang me to state that LCT for 10 hours unescorted had been approved and that I could come back at 20:00

19:55 I rang Darelle to state that I would be arriving late back to the unit, as I did not have dinner.

20:15 I stated to Darelle on my return why did Queensland Health cancel my Family LCT leave.

20:25 Darelle took me on escorted leave to get dinner (Pizza).


Monday 4th January 2016

15:45 Tania Brown returned my call. We discussed current treatment plan and when treating psychiatrist Dr Reily would see me. Tania also stated that I had a MHRT today that was a mention.

19:25 Spoke to Cindy and crosschecked progress. No problems reported.

Tuesday 5th January 2016

13:45 Handed Patient election form from Cindy to complete.

20:22 Spoke to Sue and told her I had taken my Meds*

Wednseday 6th January

13:24 Cindy called me to say that she would be coming around to my home at 14:00

13:55 Cindy and Shane came to my place. Cindy stated that I needed to do a random breath test. It came back negative.

Thursday 7th January

17:15 Injection by Andrea of Zyprexa 300MG in left arm. Witnessed by Gene (Asia)

Wednesday 13th January

14:00 Visit at my home by Ralene and Cindy. Required leave to go to Charters Towers. Also needed to arrange time for meeting with Dr. Reilly.

18:54 TCCU Cindy called. Missed call.

19:26 Called back TCCU and Cindy required parents address in Charters Towers for LCT.

Thursday 14th January

19:00 Came back early to clean my unit. I asked Marissa where cleaning trolley was. She said she did not know and would find out.

19:03 On arrival at my unit noticed that unit had been cleaned. I rang Marissa and informed her of this.

20:42 Noticed plastic ware missing from unit sink. I rang Robin stating that I was unable to cook my dinner without them. Robin said that she would look for something for me to use.

20:45 Robin came to my unit with plastic ware. Was not suiatble for what I needed. She asked if I was becoming anxious, and I stated yes. I then said to her what would she do in the same situation. Her reply was to wait for an explanation and stay stable. She offered me some Lorazapam and I said it wasn’t needed.

Sunday 17th January

19:07 Breathalized on return from leave by blonde woman nurse. Returned negative reading.

Monday 18th January

10:13 Cindy spoke to me in relation to my leave to Charters Towers. She specified that Dr. Relly required my Parents to be contacted in relation to my leave to Charters Towers. I stated that my Parents would call Queensland Health and notify them that arrangement suited their needs. Cindy also stated that there were other questions Dr. Reilly had asked via email. Questions included; was I driving on my own. What type of work I was doing. The time since I last visited there. I also stated to Cindy that I wished to have my mediaction tirated. Dr Miach stated in a meeting with him that I should be on my depot of zyprexa every 3 weeks. I also stated that I was finding out online that zyprexa is responsible for serious side effects, and that I was not happy in taking the dangerous medication.

Thrusday 21st January

19:40 Injection of 300Mg Zyprexa by Robin in right arm. There was conjecture in relation to where the injection was to be administered. Robin checked on CIHMA and spoke to Doctor on call whos stated to hold off injection until tomorrow. As injection was already drawn up Robin said she would administer it herself and take the rap if anything should happen. UDS supplied and breathalized. Gene Asian nurse and Cherlle were there.

Monday 25th January

16:55 Attempted to find out about leave to Charters Towers. Robin stated that I needed to see Dr Reilly to approve leave. Robin stated that she did not know when that would be.

Wednesday 27th January

13:40 Malissa and Trish cam to visit me at home. They were due at 14:00 yet stated that they needed to book a car. No phone call was made prior to visit.

17:22 I rang Melissa Walls to convey to her that my Mother wished her to send through all correspondence to her via email, in relation to my leave for Charters Towers.

Thursday 28th January

14:45 Tania Brown returned my call. We discussesd the email Tania sent to Mellisa Walls in relation to my leave to Charters Towers. Tanis stated that the service should be accomadating towards me and that CTRU is a support mechanism in Charters Towers.

16:13 Meilssa Walls called me and updated me on leave rogression to Charters Towers.

16:30 Tania Brown called me after I called her. We decided to let things play out.

Wednesday 3rd February

19:00 Andrew rang to say missed home visit. I explained that I forget to ring and check. He stated that after my call to him everthing was fine.

Thusrday4th February

18:45 Injection of Zypreca 300MG in left glute by Sue Bell. Conjetcure over where depot should be administered. I decided that I could not wait to see doctor tomorrow and chose to have it tonight.

Thursday 18th February

18:10 Injection 300MG Zyprexa. Mick Farrell Left gluteus. Pleaded to him not to give me the injection.

Monday 22nd Februray

13:10 Dr Agland. Mick Farrel. Darren Green

Tuesday 23rd February

12:30 Melissa Social Worker

13:05 Dr Reilly. Dr Agland. Steven Nurse.

Wednesday 24th February

18:10 Dr Duncan McIntyre

Thursday 25th Februray

14:00 Tania Brown

15:10 Cindy spoke to me and stated from her end everything was going fine. I stated that I have not touched any alcohol and that I have kept within the rules of my Forensic Order. Cindy also stated that there was talk to move me back to secure.

Thursday 3rd March

19:40 Injection of 300MG Zyprexa in right buttock by Sue Bell.

Sunday 6th March

14:00 I asked Cherylle to ask the night nursing staff to close the door in my room gently when they came to check on me. I also asked how much longer would I be on 2 hour obs. Cherylle said she would ask the staff and told me to also ask my Doctor.

Wednesday 9th March

15:15 I spoke to Melissa in relation to my leave. She stated that Dr Agland would be seeing me on Friday. Melissa also stated that my rent needed to be paid to my parents.

Saturday 12th March

9:00 Went on leave with parents. No problems observed.

Sunday 13th March

15:30 Leave with Letwin to do shopping.

Monday 14th March

13:20 I spoke to Bill and Toni in relation to my leave. Toni stated that Dr Reilly needed to sign off my unescorted leave. Followed up with Cindy who stated the same thing. Cindy then spoke to Dr. Aglian who said he was meeting with Dr Reilly at 3PM to discuss my leave conditions.


Dr Aglian spoke to me. He stated that he spoke to Dr Reilly and that they were giving me my leave back and permission to drive a motor vehicle. Dr Aglain also stated that I was not allowed to enter a licensed premise without my family. I stated that I did not do anything wrong and felt that it was to harsh considering that I did nothing wrong.

Tuesday 15th March

15:15 Spoke to Cindy you informed me that she was not happy with my current treatment. She stated that Melissa (SW) felt that my current plan was not adequate, and that they were seeking a meeting with Dr Reilly and the treating team. Cindy also stated that in my leave conditions that I am not to enter a licensed premise for 3 months, unless accompanied by a nominated person or approved by the treating psychiatrist.

15:40 I spoke to Melissa you said that she wanted to catch up with me tomorrow.

Wednesday 16th March

14:15 I spoke to Melissa (SW) who stated that they were still waiting for the LCT to be signed off from the DMH. We also spoke about the restriction to enter a licensed premise and that we both felt that it was to restrictive my rehabilitation.

16:00 Spoke to Dr Nissa and Dr Cass about getting injection in Arm and Dr Nissa said that he wooul dhave to consult Dr Aglain and for me to sign a consent form to agree with it.


QAI called me and I spoke to Lauren. She took notes and said that a lawyer would be getting back to me.

Thursday 17th March

15:00 I spoke to Mandy in relation to my leave and she said that she believed it was waiting to be signed off from the DMH. She also stated that Melissa (SW) had the day off today, as well as tomorrow and that she would be back on Monday.

15:45 Went on leave with Dan to the shops and get some belongings from my home.

17:20 Injection of 300MG of Zyprexa in left buttock by Sue Bell and witnessed by Michael. I expressed my frustration of getting the injection and wished that it would be lowered and given to me tri weekly as expressed by Dr Miach. No one seems to care or listen to my needs and I feel is as if I am being violated and that my rights are being discriminated against.

Friday 18th March

13:25 I spoke to Dr Anglain who said that my leave was still waiting to be signed off by the DMH. I also asked to be given leave to go over to the shops. He stated that also needed to be approved by the DMH.

19:10 Leave with parents. No problems reported.

Saturday 19th March

11:15 Leave with parents. No problems reported.

Monday 21st March

13:30 Spoke to afternoon staff about my leave. Debbie said she would follow up with morning staff.

14:40 Spoke to Bill (Nurse) who said he would follow up my leave with Dr. Aglain. Bill then informed that Dr. Aglain was in a meeting and that he would send him an email. He stated that it was highly unlikely that I would get a response today in relation to my leave. I then stated that I was informed that my unescorted leave would be reinstated today.

15:35 Spoke to Bill again in relation to my leave. Still no updates.

16:10 Bill came to my Villa and informed me that he had spoken to Dr Aglain who stated that they were still waiting for the leave to be approved by the Director of Mental Health.

16:35 I asked Bill if I could be taken to my place to put my bins out.

16:40 I spoke to Melissa (SW) and Mandy in relation to my leave. Melissa said that she would send an email and that is was waiting to be signed off by the DMH Professor John Allen. I stated that my Family and I were told be Dr Aglain that the leave was going to be approved by today. I vented my frustration and pleaded my innocence to Melissa and Mandy stating that I had done nothing wrong to have my leave revoked in the first place. I also stated to Melissa that I wished to have more leave over the Easter weekend.

16:55 Bill took me to my place and I picked up mail. Bins did not need to be put out as they were already empty. I assume neighbours put them out last week.

17:45 Melissa spoke to me on her way out. She stated that she sent 2 emails, one to Dr Agilan and Dr John Reilly and one to the mental health coordinator. Melissa also stated that this was unacceptable for the amount of time that it was taking for me to have my leave reinstated, considering that it was only supposed to be 2 weeks. Melissa Walls included in the emails that I wished to have longer leave over the Easter weekend.

Tuesday 22nd March

9:15 Leave with my mother.

15:50 I spoke to Melissa and Mandy in relation to my unescorted leave. They said that I could have an extra 2 hours with my Parents over the Easter weekend. They also said that they needed to submit more paperwork for my unescorted on my own.

16:08 Melissa (SW) came to my villa and said that 10 hours with family approved. Just waiting for unescorted on own to be approved.

Wednesday 23rd March

17:27 I spoke to Mandy about my leave who said that it was sent off this morning and that she was hoping it would be approved by tomorrow.

Thursday 24th March

13:45 Leave to Parkside

15:10 Leave approved on my own.

15:15 Melissa, Mandy and Raelene came to my villa to tell me my leave was approved.

19:00 Unescorted leave.

Friday 25th March

14:00 Unescorted Leave

Saturday 26th March

14:20 Unescorted leave

Sunday 27th Marth

13:20 Leave with Parents

22:50 Cindy leave misunderstanding. Incident report.

Monday 28th March

14:15 Unescorted leave.

Tuesday 29th March

15:13 Spoke to Carly from QAI and left a message for Neyha to contact me.

15:35 Spoke to Melissa Walls (SW) in relation to MHRT. Melissa suggested that LCT be increased to allow for more overnight leaves.

Thursday 31st March

13:00 Unescorted leave.

18:25 Injection of zyprexa 300mg in right buttock by Sue Bell and witnessed by Dan.

Friday 1st April

9:05 Melissa Walls (Social Worker) and Mick came to my villa and left me my MHRT report. Melissa stated that they were looking to go for a full LCT

2:05 Dr Agilan came to see me and stated that they wanted to increase my leave to 8 hours a day. He also stated that it was to be between 7am and 7pm.

Saturday 2nd April

19:57 I went on leave at 15:00 and for the majority of the day I have been feeling suicidal. I am sick of the injections and sick of feeling like this. I want my life to end and for all this pain I am feeling to be gone. I have had enough of this control from Doctors that are more interested in giving me drugs than encouragement. I am sick of these injections because they are making me sick.

22:37 Posted on Facebook.com

Without Prejudice*

No matter how much you mentally torture me, now matter what you inject me with, no matter the side effects and demons I fight because of your drugs, you will never win this war. The more you push me to suicide, the more I will push you to expose the truth. You can destroy my body and take away my life, yet you will never take away my Spirit.

Pharmaceutical drugs and incarceration is not the answer.

You are dealing with Human Beings and you are dealing with innocent people. I don’t care any more what you do to me.

You call this system Mental Health, yet all I have seen in my dealings with your archaic system is Mental Torture.

Not once did you give encouragement, not once did you nurture and not once did you comfort the lost souls.

May the devil be consumed by its own darkness and evil, and may the Glory of God’s love shine upon those Spirits who emit the Light of Heaven. For those of you who fight for your justice and rights, may you taste the sweetness of Victory.

We are not pawns and we are not guinea pigs or lab rats in your experiments.

We will win this War. You will never kill the Spirit of truth.

We Are God In The Chrysalis.

Thursday 7th April

10:05 Dr Agilan came to my unit. He said that he would be starting me on overnight leaves starting today.

Thursday 14th April

19:20 Mick Farrel gave me my 300Mg zprexa injection in left Glute. I spoke to him about the problems I was having with the side effets. At present after just having it I am now sluggish, depressed and mildly suicidal. I wish this torture would stop.

Thursday 28th April

19:18 Dan and Steve came to my unit to give me my injection. I was given 300MG in right glute. I explained to them in a frustrated manner that I was unhappy with receiving the injection and that I felt it was against my rights to do so. Dan and Steve stated that I should seek legal advice and to pursue the matter that way. I asked who was making the decisions? It is the government or Doctors who had the power to administer these injections. They stated it was the Doctors. I told them I had enough of the harassment from mental health and that I did not want these injections.

Thursday 26th May

Sue Bell gave my my injection of 300 Mg of Zyprexa in left Glute.

Friday 3rd June

Dr Agilan and student Doctor came to my room with Mick Farrel. Asked a few questions and said that I needed a blood test for Sodium Valporate.

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